Roleplay event details

DeJakob OwnerEarth King posted Fri at 23:19

Here are some details for the upcoming roleplay events this weekend!(all times are in CET):

Saturday June 24:

6pm- Fire lord coronation During this event, a brand new hat will be released, the Fire nation capital city will be opened, and the doors to the Fire nation palace will be open for the day!

9pm- Water Chief inauguration We will be unveiling a new arena, as well as a new water tribe location to explore!

Sunday June 25th:

6pm- Air representative inauguration We will be releasing a fun new air themed minigame, and a new hat!

9pm- Earth King coronation For the final event we will be releasing another brand new hat, and will be introducing a new earth kingdom location!

We look forward to seeing you there :D

Bending Level 2 released!

Seb OwnerFire Lord posted Thu at 19:51

Salutations everyone!

I’m proud to announce you that level 2 of Bending has been released! My last exam was today and I thought it would be a great celebration to release level 2. ;)

The new moves each cost 2000¥.

A few moves have changed position too. We believed that these moves didn’t fit to the level & to the rest of the moves that level was offering. An example: I moved Airscooter to level 2 instead of 1 and replaced the empty slot in level 1 with a new move, Airpillow. This means that you will still have to buy the move Airpillow from level 1, but you do not lose Airscooter. You would just have already bought 1 move from level 2. Our apologies for any inconvenience!

I put the moves on a list to make everything structured. Marked in yellow are the changes made with the current level 1.

If you got any questions or issues, do not hesitate to make a forum post on the website or to PM me!

Have fun & good luck!

ConnorSapphire Sounds awesome. I hope the exams went well :3
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